Circular Saw Introduction

Always make sure you consider the kind of work you might be doing before purchasing any power tool.  This is especially right with circular saws.  If you change blades fairly regularly, buying one with a quick-change blade feature will save you plenty of time later on.  If you need deep cuts, you will require a saw with a blade depth large enough to meet your needs.  Also, be sure to look at a few circular saw reviews before making your purchase to make sure that you acquire the best circular saw around.

If transportability is critical to you, you might want to consider a cordless circular saw.  These allow you to use them nearly anywhere, without needing to haul around bulky extension cords and a generator.  You will find a few downsides to cordless circular saws: they produce less torque, and that you're restricted by the batteries run time.  It is possible to buy additional batteries to broaden the time you can work, though make sure you remember to have them all charged up and ready to go, which may be annoying.

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The very first thing, you need to determine, is which type of circular saw you're going to buy.  You actually have just 2 possible choices to choose from: worm-drive saws and in-line saws. For normal DIY projects, an in-line (or sidewinder) saw is an exceptional choice.  Although in-line saws offer less power than a worm-drive saw, most in-line saws would have no trouble getting through virtually any assignment you may give it, except massive industrial construction.  In addition, they are lighter, easier to use and safe.  Check to be sure the circular saw you purchase features an electronic brake.  This feature induces the flow of electricity to be reversed if you release the trigger, causing the blade to stop promptly.  This is a very important and useful safety feature.

On the other end of the spectrum, are worm-drive circular saws, that are actually best left to the pro's.  They've got the motor attached next to the blade, which sends a great deal more torque to the blade.  This permits them to cut through tough elements like concrete, however they are also a lot more dangerous as a result of all the extra torque.

Just about every good carpenter and DIY'er needs a solid, reliable circular saw in their tool collection.  The awesome adaptability of the circular saw enables it to perform an amazing variety of things, which makes it among the most in-demand tools in most wood working shops.  The flexibility to change the depth and angle of your cut opens up the door to an amazing amount of possibilities.